H2G 3.0

Three meters long, to allow the cleaning of any kind of flat needlebed or, why no…? Two needlebeds at the same time!

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H2G Spin

The cylinders of circular socks machines deserve the same care of the flat needlebeds, that’s why H2G SPIN ensure a fast and deep cleaninig.

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Spares & consumables

Washable and disposable filters, Lubra H2G 3035RB liquid: the must-have to let your H2G work to the best!

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H2G 4.0 - needlebed washing machines WholeGarment®

H2G 4.0

The cooperation between H2G and SHIMA SEIKI gave rise to H2G 4.0: even cleaning your WholeGarment® has never been easier!

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H2G Robot - manual lifter for needlebeds

H2G Robot

Freedom of movement in less than one meter: the perfect equipment that allows you, on your own, to demount the needlebeds in total safety!

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H2G Junior - needlebed washing machines

H2G Junior

The compact version of the House H2G: same performance, small size! Perfect for who has little room and works with needlebeds up to 168cm.

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H2G Pure - water purifying machine

H2G Pure

Your needlebeds are a precious asset: H2G Pure makes the tap water neat and safe so as to pamper them.

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Does the water affect the metal of the needles and of the needlebeds causing oxidation and rust?

No, our mixture of water and liquid H2G cleanses and at the same time PROTECTS THE METAL FROM RUST.

After drying, we recommend putting plenty of oil on the needlebed surface.