H2G Pure – water purifying machine

Your needlebeds are a precious asset: H2G Pure makes the tap water neat and safe so as to pamper them. H2G Pure, thanks to the reverse osmosis process specially developed to give excellent cleaning results togheter with H2G machines, reduces by 90% the concentration of pollutants such as calcium, phosphates, nitrates and heavy metals usually present in water.

H2G Pure minimizes the total fixed residue, ensuring good, light and safe water for cleaning your needlebeds… and more!


Seeing is believing!

Click and watch with your eyes what H2G pure can do!

H2G pure is H2G patented technology.

Overall dimensions:

LENGHT: 602 mm
WIDTH: 700 mm
HEIGHT: 1555 mm
WEIGHT: 150 Kg
POWER - VOLTAGE: KW 2,65 - V 230