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Technology pioneers, leaders in innovation. 

H2G  s.r.l. was founded in 2014, taking up the legacy of the Galiotto Marcello company, which had been operating in the knitting machine sector since the 1970s. 

Our historic experience contributed to invent the cleaning process with high pressure for the needlebeds of knitting machines, and we were the first to patent a system that does not require the removal or movement of the needles, specific for any type of flat knitting machine. 

Starting from the idea of ​​having a machine for the fast and effective cleaning of the entire needlebed without the need to move the needles and completely automatic, Marcello Galiotto revolutionized the concept of water cleaning which until then was associated with the word "rust" ”. 

With the right mixture of demineralised water and a specific detergent and antioxidant product, Marcello managed to find the ideal formula for effective and totally safe cleaning. 

From an internal machine that offered washing services to knitwear factories in the area, we moved on to producing and marketing on a large scale a machine designed and patented almost for fun. 

Today, H2G experts work with customers in every step of the process to provide support and knowledge sharing that elevates the use of technology and ensures to customers a long-term success and a maximized return on investment. 

Our diffusion in the world
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9th November 2023

Participation in Eicma

15th February 2023

Participation in DTG2023 DHAKA BANGLADESH

Together with Pacific Associates LTD

23rd August 2022

Participation in FEBRATEX 2022 BLUMENAU

Brazil, together with Brastema

11th June 2022

Participation in ITM 2022 ISTANBUL

Turkey, together with Tetaş Iç Ve Diş Ticaret A.Ş

31st January 2020

Agreement with Layret Trading S.A.

26th August 2019

Agreement with Tetaş Iç Ve Diş Ticaret A.Ş


20th June 2019

Participation in ITMA 2019 Launch of the new model H2G 4.0


27th July 2018

Agreement with Shima Seiki


30th November 2017

Launch of H2G ROBOT

10th October 2017

Second patent application for Galiotto

14th September 2017

Agreement with Kitech Packaging And Textile Technology GMBH

Austria and Germany

1st January 2017

Launch of the new model H2G 3.0

22nd October 2016

Representation contract with Pacific Associates Bangladesh

21st October 2016

Participation in ITMA 2016 Shanghai

as a guest at Shima Seiki's stand

5th October 2016

Patent granted in China

1st September 2016

Launch of the model H2G Junior

10th August 2016

Granting of European patent 2841632

10th August 2016

Participation in ITMA 2016 Istanbul

as a guest at Mayern - Stoll's stand

16th May 2016

Representation contract with Shima Seiki Hong Kong

11th November 2015

Itma Milano

Participation in the first world fair as exhibitors

12th May 2015

Representation contract with Brastema – Brazil

5th November 2014

Italian patent granted 0001411735

16th October 2014

First sale of H2G /2 machine

9th July 2014

Establishment of H2G S.R.L.

22nd April 2013

Submission of EPO patent application

22nd April 2013

Start of the warping service

26th April 2012

Submission of Galiotto patent application

7th June 2001

Opening of Galiotto Marcello's company

beginning of worldwide commercialization

20th July 1955

Birth of Galiotto Marcello

founder of H2G srl