H2G 4.0

To remove the most stubborn dirt it is necessary to clean thoroughly, remove the residues of the yarn and processing oils, to be able to sell the first garment obtained after washing. 

The integrated software of our H2G 4.0 needlebed washing machine offers the possibility to use the standard washing parameters and recipes provided by H2G or to customize the programs to meet specific cleaning needs. In this way, H2G 4.0 allows you to create your own washing programs, calibrating the individual movements of the nozzle to your needs. 

This advantage has allowed us to create specific washing programs to be able to thoroughly clean even the new generation WholeGarment machines, starting a solid collaboration with SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD which now represents our own brand in Japan. 

The uniqueness of the H2G 4.0 needlebed cleaning machine lies precisely in its flexibility and extreme ease of programming, which can be transferred directly from a PC to the machine via USB pen-drive. 

The needlebed detection system will adapt the manual programming to the actual dimensions of the piece to be washed, optimizing times and performance. The washing progress can be monitored directly from the screen. 

H2G 4.0 cleaning machine, however, is the only one of the range that can fit  the SHIMA JIGs, Japanese manufacturing equipment necessary for the impeccable and completely safe cleaning of the latest generation machines such as the WholeGarment MACH2X/XS, SWG-XR, MINI or FIRST 21 days.

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H2G 4.0

Maximum flexibility of use and dedicated programs.