Why choose an H2G machine?

Washing and drying without removing needles

With H2G no element of the needle bed will have to be removed to be cleaned: in this way the needles keeps their original position and do not change location.

Pressure washing also allows you to remove the dirt accumulated under the needles. The automatic drying removes any residual of liquid allowing you to remount the needlebed in complete safety. 

Needlebed scanning & smart washing programs

The detection of the needlebed allows the optimization of cleaning times: it washes and dries only where the needlebed is. Furthermore, the software identifies the type of needle bed we are washing and adapts the washing cycle for greater effectiveness. 

The customer only needs to indicate how dirty the needle bed is, and the software will start the most suitable washing program. 

Full automatic

Just press the button to start the knitting machine cleaning cycle and you're done! Heating, scanning of the needlebed, washing, drying, as well as liquid recirculation and dirt filtering are performed automatically by H2G .

Increased productivity of the knitting machine

We all know how much it costs to keep a knitting machine idle for 3-4 days to carry out needle cleaning operations. 

But the biggest cost is making it work with little efficiency: dirty needlebed means extended production times, broken needles and finished garments with black streaks. With a clean needlebed these problems become just a bad memory. 

Can be used with any type of knitting machine

H2G can bring back to new any type of needlebed of any brand of knitting machine, from the MINI for gloves to the 280 cm tandem, passing through the brand new technologies for the creation of the WholeGarment. 

Specific detergent for needlebeds

The collaboration with a leading Italian company in the industrial chemical sector allowed the creation of the H2G3035RB needlebed detergent, created to meet the needs of cleaning and protection of both the needles and the metal of the needlebeds. 

Nothing is left to chance and the uniqueness of the formula makes it an essential added value for customers who have chosen to rely on H2G for the cleaning of their knitting machines.


What advantages does an H2needlebed cleaner bring to my business? 

Easy installation

The expected time for the installation and commissioning of the H2G needlbed washing machne is a maximum of one hour: a connection to electricity and compressed air is sufficient to guarantee the functioning of the H2G machinery. 

The washing fluid is inside a closed circuit so no connection to the water supply is necessary. 

Qualified technicians will follow the installation and training phases to make your staff independent in cleaning the needle beds from day one. 

Ease of use vs flexibility

Each model of H2G needlebed washing machine can clean the needlebeds of any manufacturer such as SHIMA SEIKI, STOLL, STEIGER, CIXING, etc.: the automatic detection system defines the position and size of the needlebeds ensuring accurate washing only where needed. 

The different levels of autonomy and flexibility of the H2G models allow you to customize some of the washing/drying phases or to obtain a totally tailor-made program based on the model chosen. 

Drying is also an essential step in the cleaning process. A special solenoid valve ensures the removal of all traces of residual water for total protection of the metal of the needlebeds. 

Economic return

The closed circuit of washing fluid allows it to be reused for several hours, reducing energy and consumption waste: the same water is heated only once inside the deposit and the high pressure guarantees temperature retention. 

Furthermore, H2G's patented technology significantly reduces machine downtime. No longer having to remove the needles, the average time is one hour for cleaning two compact needlebeds, up to a maximum of 7 hours for a Wholegarment with 5 needle beds, complete with Loopresser-bed. But not only that: a clean needlebed means producing more efficiently, faster and without breaking needles, which, remaining in the original position, ensure uniform creation of the garment. 

Finally, staff will no longer have to come into contact with dangerous chemical agents such as Kerosene, used for years to clean every single needle, and will be able to spend their time on more profitable activities for the company.