Can water on the metal of fronts and needles cause oxidation and thus rust?

No, our mixture of water and H2G liquid cleanses and at the same time PROTECTS THE METAL FROM RUST.

After drying, we recommend putting plenty of oil on the fronts.

Do I have to dry the frontage myself with an air gun after washing?

No, the H2G machine is equipped with an automatic drying system, to be connected to the factory compressor

Should I connect the water outlet to the tap?

No, the  H2G washer has an internal reservoir to allow the same water to be recycled for several washes.

Can I flush dirty water down the drain?

No, the presence of oils, washed off the front, makes it special waste and it must therefore be disposed of according to the regulations in force.

How many fronts can I wash at one time?

The H2G JUNIOR machine can wash one compact front at a time. The H2G 3.0, on the other hand, can wash two compact front pages at the same time, or one long one.

I have an 18 gauge machine. Can washing damage the needles?

Our machine is specially designed to protect the needles, and indeed, we recommend washing the fine fines as often as possible to allow for the best performance in production.

Do I have to specify to the machine which model or fineness I am washing?

Our software, combined with the most sophisticated sensors on the market, allows us to automatically detect the piece to be washed, deciphering its coordinates and customising the washing cycle according to what is detected.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty is always one year, on the entire machine.

Where can I find the consumables needed to operate the H2G machine?

You can request them directly from your local representative or directly from our company.