H2G 3.0

Thanks to its 3 meters in length, this high capacity needlebed washing machine allows you to wash the needlebeds of knitting machines of any size without the need to remove the needles. 

Inside it is possible to house two compact needle beds or one long bed at the same time, giving further benefits to your knitwear factory in the maintenance of used or new knitting machinery. 

The user interface is simple to use thanks to the smart scanning of the needlebeds: through the exact verification of the position and size of the needlebed, the cleaning parameters are automatically adapted, washing only where necessary. The user only needs to select the intensity of the washing program between light, medium and intense. 

The H2G 3.0 needlebed cleaning machine is designed to operate for decades while requiring minimal maintenance thanks to the use of the highest quality materials at the service of an accurate design. 

The structure of the needlebed washing machine is made of stainless steel. The best linear guides, the electronically controlled nozzle and a precision assembly guarantee the highest quality cleaning results. 

The screen allows you to keep all the cleaning parameters under control: the status of the machine, the elapsed time, the washing phases and much more. 

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Machinery H2G

H2G 3.0

Needles of every gauge and size become new again.